Who is Shelley Nicole & why does she keep talking about her büshe?

I am a vocalist/songwriter/bassist/healer/Independent Artist and leader of the band Shelley
Nicole’s blaKbüshe
. I call my sound SolaRoc, which is a blend of rock, funk and soul. But I’ve also been known to pull in a bit of blues and whatever else feels good. In 2003 I released my first album she who bleeds… on my Red Butterfly Music label with a lot of prayer and help from my friends and family. In 2008 I recorded a live album at Southpaw in Brooklyn, NY during the U People, Brooklyn Pride celebration. A year later I released that recording called The Quick & Dirty EP; again on my own with friends adding remixes, vocals and lending studio time. I’m so proud of my first two projects, but this third album is going to be unlike the others.

The Special Sauce

In the video above it states that Toshi Reagon is on board to produce the album. It has been a while since we originally did this fundraising campaign and there has been a lot of water under that bridge, most of which was my health crisis. Thank Goddess I am fine, but it was a long journey and some things have changed. I am so honored to welcome Living Colour guitarist, songwriter, producer and mad scientist Vernon Reid on board to lead this ship forward. Vernon is a Grammy winning artist and besides being the lead guitarist for Living Colour, he has played live or recorded with artists including The Rolling Stones, the Roots, Mariah Carey, Tracy Chapman, Don Byron, Santana, B.B. King, Ernie Isley, Cindy Blackmon, Nona Hendryx, John Medeski and many more. Vernon is also a Grammy nominated producer having helmed projects for Salif Keita and James Blood Ulmer, who he went on to produce three more albums for. Most recently he composed the music for the NAACP Image Award winning documentary Free Angela and All Political Prisoners. I have known Vernon for quite some time, but over the last couple of years we had the opportunity to work together in Burnt Sugar and it is always a pleasure. Please join me in welcoming Vernon. I am very thankful to have him on board!

What it Takes to Make This Happen

Recording an album can be fun, but order to create the album of my dreams there are many factors involved and the biggest is funding. Since my b’earthday is November 7th and we are in the season of Spring, which is about bursting forth and bringing about all that you dreamed in the dark of winter; I thought it would be fun, and most of all within budget, to make the goal $17,777. The elemental costs involved in making an album include studio time (recording, mixing, mastering), musicians (including special guest musicians), producer, transportation, food, video, photos, manufacturing, marketing, publicity, analog tape, a hard drive, and any other miscellaneous studio expenses that always arise. So I call on the magic of 7 and the energy of Spring to make this goal happen. The number 7 is a perfect number and symbol of divine abundance. It is also the number of healing and miracles, faith, and dreams that come true.

Giving and Receiving: Where You Come In!

Yes I am asking you to give, but I am also giving back…to you! No matter which level of donation you choose, you will get the new album and YOUR NAME will appear in the Thank You section of the credits on the album. The more you give the more exciting the give back. We are pressing limited edition vinyl for all you heads out there, I am giving private Reiki sessions, there is a VIP listening party, you can hang backstage with the band, take yoga along side me, host an acoustic concert at your house with the band and much more. I fully believe in the power of community and the power to (wo)manifest whatever we need.

Timeline & Updates

The album will be recorded in the late spring and early summer. There will be a soft release at Michigan Womyn’s Music Festival the first week in August and the official release will happen in late summer. I will update EVERYONE of our progress along the way via video and through my written blog.

Spread the Word

Giving helps for sure! But talking, texting, Tweeting, Facebooking, emailing and the bloody like, all help too! It’s easy! Just click the buttons below the video above. We need to get the word out not just to my people, but your people too! If you have friends who are yogis and love music then send them my way. If you know someone in need of healing and they want to rock their way to health, send them my way. If you know someone who is just sitting on a wad of cash with nothing to do, PLEASE send them my way! LOL!

In Short

Who: Shelley Nicole’s blaKbüshe
What: Recording 3rd As-Yet-Titled album
Who Else: Producer Vernon Reid
Where: NYC
How: With Your Help!
Why: Because you are one of the hairs in the büshe!

To send a donation via snail mail:
Red Butterfly Music
97 Brooklyn Avenue, suite 5F
Brooklyn, NY 11216
Make Check or M.O. to: Red Butterfly Music

PLEASE NOTE: If sending a donation via snail mail please include you email address, home address and specify which incentive you would like to receive so we can make sure to get it to you.

Perks for Your Contribution

No perk, just a contribution

Button the büshe: $5
Download of new album +
blaKbüshe button set

Download the büshe: $12
Download of new album,
blaKbüshe button set +
autographed photo of
Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe

Photo büshe: $20
Download of new album,
button set, CD +
autographed photo of
Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe

Vinyl büshe: $50
Everything above + limited edition
vinyl pressing of the new album.

Yoga büshe: $80
Yoga class (taught by Ola Ronke)
with Shelley Nicole, limited edition blaKbüshe t-shirt, custom yoga
mat with blaKbüshe logo +
everything from Photo büshe Perk

Yoga büshe Vinyl: $100
Yoga class (taught by Ola Ronke)
with Shelley Nicole, limited edition blaKbüshe t-shirt, custom yoga
mat with blaKbüshe logo +
everything from Vinyl büshe Perk

Heal the büshe: $125
Private Reiki Session with
Shelley Nicole + everything from
Photo büshe Perk

Fan the büshe: $250
Complimentary admission to the
Album Release for you and a
guest, backstage passes +
everything from Vinyl büshe Perk
(with vinyl signed)

Behind the büshe: $500
Come to studio one recording
session, be a part of the behind
the scenes video + everything
from Fan the büshe Perk

Bring Home the büshe: $2,500
Shelley Nicole's blaKbüshe
acoustic concert at YOUR HOME, anywhere in the Northeast
(NY, NJ, CT, MA, VT, NH, ME,
GA, OH) for you and 6 of your
friends + everything from
Fan the büshe Perk